Here in France, 2013

(So to the right you see me as mermaid.  Below you have a couple pics of the rest of the group.)

So I've been here a little over 2 weeks and have managed to whip up some performance with a local brass band. When I say local, it is just that, very local. We live in a village of 85 people, Montagny Sur Grosne, and surprisingly we have many artists in this hidden gem of an area nestled away in the Burgundy country side. The group is called Les Enfants Phares, and they are 10ish musicians, mostly women, 2 kids even!, with a mission to express and encourage expression in our rural area. ( to see more about them.) Nutshell, they have a sailer theme, with the play on words Fanfare, (brass band) and Enfants (pronounced en-fan) Phare (meaning lighthouse) They strive to be a light in the darkness for artists to express for the public. Young and not so young. So yeah, sailers, so I am playing a mermaid. We played 2 gigs, 1 in St. Pierre Le Vieux, in the Terre de Possibles, a hippy commune, and in Trivy, for a kids fest.  We play this Sunday in Cluny in a restaurant in the courtyard.

This is Rori, the leader of the group.   Ladies lined up and blowing horns.

Here I am as mermaid.